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Douglas Inspection Service, LLC offers pre-purchase home inspections, commercial building inspections, pre-sale inspections, damage assessment inspections, insurance wind mitigation inspections and insurance four point inspections.


Pre-purchase Residential and Commercial Inspections

You have chosen the property you wish to purchase.  Now is the time to determine the condition of that property with a professional inspection.  We will inspect, evaluate and report the condition of the property in an unbiased and objective manner.  We will provide you with a written, narrative report inclusive of photographs of the property to identify and disclose any deficiencies of the property you are looking to purchase.  We include in our inspections all major components of the residential or commercial property: 
* Above grade (visible) foundations and exterior walls.
* Roof coverings, trusses, fascia and soffits and associated trim members.
* Heating and air conditioning system(s) for functionality and condition.
* Plumbing system evaluation.
* Electrical system and corresponding wiring.
* Appliances evaluated for functional operation (includes stove, oven, dishwasher, exhaust fan, washing machine, dryer and water heater(s) when present).
* Interior areas consisting of the ceilings, walls, floors, doors and windows.  (These areas will be checked to also ensure that there is no evidence of current water intrusion.)
* Pools, spas and sprinkler systems (these are not checked for leaks except for above ground exposed plumbing and equipment).


Wind Mitigation and Four Point Inspections for Insurance

*  Wind mitigation inspections are accomplished to possibly provide discounts on homeowners insurance.  Contact your insurance agent to determine if this inspection could reduce the amount of your annual premium.

* Four point inspections are requested by the insurance company.  The four points inspected are the roof, mechanical equipment, plumbing and electrical to determine the approximate age and anticipated life expectancy.


Pre-Sale Inspections
Before accepting an offer and negotiating the price for your home, you may want to consider having an inspection done to determine if any deficiencies exist that you are not aware of.  Once the offer has been negotiated, the purchaser will more than likely obtain an inspection.  If you have already reached your bottom line, these additional repair costs could require that either you, or the buyer, reconsider the agreed upon offer.  Having your home inspected prior to this point can prevent many stressful moments and may allow the process to proceed much easier.

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